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The Great City Beset on All Sides 

The Ambrosian Civil War

Soldiers prepare the trenches for a protracted siege…

Let’s Set the Scene...
          The Ambrosian Civil War started only a few years ago from the present day on Aomera; The death-toll, alongside the fact that it has been mostly civilian, has spiked up to over 200,000 deaths. This grizzly situation has only been exacerbated by the introduction of foreign mercenaries and continental powers into the situation. 

The Grand City of Gela-Tordimiri, largest of its contemporaries, chose neutrality at the beginning of the war. Both sides, in the eyes of its Lord Protector, were simply out for blood. These sides, the revolting city states known as the ‘Coalition’ and the Anti-Coalition establishment both didn’t have the resources or manpower to forcibly change the side Gela-Tordimiri took. That is no longer the case. 

The largest army that the continent has seen was recently organized on the outskirts of the city; This force is led by the recently hired ‘Gur-Khan’ of Red-Horde fame, and supported by a highly devoted force from the Kingdom of Sericea-Utis. They’ve been promised a portion of the spoils within the city alongside other forms of payment for their services. This meant that a razing was in order for the city after it was captured in order to pay said mercenaries.  

Capturing the city, and breaking open its walls, wouldn’t be an easy task. The garrison is filled with able-bodied humans and Dwarves; The arms and armor of those within the city guard is fairly advanced compared to their contemporaries. The walls themselves are covered with murder-holes and cannon-ports with enough gunpowder and arrows to last a decade. You can’t even approach the city from three out of the four cardinal directions due to the mountain and sea next to the city. 

Thus, the city won’t be taken conventionally. Dirty, unhanded tactics such as water poisoning and explosive tunnels will be employed to force a surrender, if specialists in the city fail to spot these plots before they happen.

All of this culminates to…
        The city and its Lord-Protector know that it is staring death in the face. In between a massive army and a subset of the stormwind mountains, those trapped in the city have no means of escape. Now there is only one choice- fight or die. 

Taking Part in the Siege

As History Shows...

         Unlike most sieges, this one will be decided by the actions of brave citizens and specialists within the city. Small groups of citizens would be used in place of the garrison, which was spread thin as is, to protect vital parts of the city and complete objectives in the name of saving the many other citizens. From evacuating the lower, unwalled, portions of the city to stopping a plot to assassinating the Lord-Protector, the victors will be those who risk their lives for something larger than them.

            To the people in the city, seize the day and send those who dare try to break your walls down and take your lives. They are all fools for challenging the Eternal City of Gela-Tordimiri; The Khan’s force of bloodthirsty monsters to the superstitious Sericean dogs, they will all be sent home broken and war-weary.

Joining the Tale

If you want to join the battle to save the city, sign up sheets for multiple parties will be going up upon server launch. You’ll be able to sign on solo, or with four others as a group.

If you are interested in seeing a few of the classes that will be available, Click Here.

Written By: TobiasMagnus