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Six Scattered Smokers

[!] In the furthest reaches of the world exists the void. At the very top lie the beaming suns. Yet, in between and yet nowhere at once lingers a solitary place. An obscured cemetery of stories and knowledge, filled for the most part with nothing but an eerie outline of darkened shadows. A bar would linger, only lit up by a singular candle during this eerie night, with one figure standing behind the countertop. Before him he’d seem to be serving 5 different individuals a set of drinks.

[!] The first one he served was a woman in a dress, who appeared to have a lightly rolled leaf plastered in her lips. The edge of it magically heated in order to bring forth a numbing sensation to the girl. She appeared to have an almost green hue to her skin, and the gaze of one who had put forth a front after all she had seen in her days. Her tongue slithered out her words, as her dialog sounded as if she were half in a dream.

“After what happened, do you truly believe that this is the best call? Perhaps it would be best for the world and everyone else if we were to just stay ample to ourselves in this neverending place. It is not as though we have a chance.” Her words were somewhat sharp, though a loud figure in the back yelled out in a stoic sound. “There is no other option for us, and giving up at the smallest sight of failure is for the wills of cowards and snakes. We are a righteous few, and this world exists for the vanquish of the evil kin.”

[!] The one who spoke was a Templar, fully clad in a series of battleworn armors. As if a Veteran warrior he stood with a greatsword at his hilt, and a large cigar plastered in between the front guard of his helm. His figure giving off an idle light, he’d poke a thumb towards a figure right besides him as he barked out a strange request.

“Did you find them and eliminate them? It is not safe to open up the doors with those craven monsters lurking amongst this place.” the words were interrupted by a strong and hard “No.”, alongside another more accented tongue. “I’sah impossible ter deal wif ‘hem figures. Dah ‘aunts ain’t no cherrywalk in deh picnic oi’ mus’ say. Jus’ cause yeh couldn’ ‘andle ‘hem dun mean there beh our problem.”

[!] The conflict words would come from two figures. One being, clad almost entirely in a brown robe. The furthest away in the tavern as he hulked in a massive form. Almost a miniature giant, his breathing was heavy and his drink was nearly the size of a fully grown gnome. Meanwhile the other was no other than a small Dwed, fully equipped with strange goggles, gadgets, and contraptions. They two both held their own smokes just amongst their mawls, puffing away as the bar could feel the strangest looming grey smog amongst it.

“This isn't the time to be throwing idle tongues. Unless you want to do-” before the man could even finish, the lowest grimace would interrupt from the man clad in brown.  “A Duel?” All it took was those small words from the brown clad for the Templar to soon silence themselves, yet another voice carries through. “It is not… just your… decision… the Watcher… has said that when three agree… we are to open… - A democratic option… strange, from that one.”

[!] The one who had just interrupted was completely hobbled over. Strangely lanky as his body almost seemed to creak. Everwearing a strange mask, jewels, and other bobbits the being just continued to speak in its broken tongue, as if heavily struggling to speak in its entirety. From its mawl was a freakishly long shafted pipe, brimming with a purple fume from within.

“The Salacious Woman, Brute, and Dwed have said no, but I believe that it is only a matter of time until it will work for us. Once more, even if we only retained a few last time we must try again.” barks from the orderly figure, pointing onto them all. The wretched entity responded “I will… agree…” Leaving the smokers with 2 ‘Yes’ verdicts, and 3 ‘No’s. Immediately after such, they all twist in tandem to face the bartender.

“What do you think, Finn?”

[!] The bartender would begin to smile. A human, wearing tinted glasses with an awful lot of experience. Being the older adult he was,  he rested down the mug he was cleaning and stopped preparing drinks in order to take in the question. The strange dark blue tie amongst his form swaying as all he seems to do is respond with a smile.

Written By: Tha_Mystery_Man