Fog rolls down from the Hinterlands

Flanked by a lawless land to the North and the Ambrosian Republic to the East, The region of Sericea sits as the strangest of the regions. Every year, near the beginning of the winter months, a great fog rolls in from the mountain and blankets the entire region. The soup of fog is only a nuisance on the coast, where it is at its thinnest, while it makes it nearly impossible to see if you live in the Sericea Hinterlands, where the fog is the thickest. 

This yearly fog has caused the mostly human population of Sericea-Utis to be wary of foreigners and the supernatural- overly so. The Kingdom of Sericea-Utis has been setting up inquisitorial militias and orders within and around the Hinterlands for the last few decades; This coincides with a spike of plague rumored to come from the Elvish lands to the south and an increase of supernatural activity during the fog months. The fear of the supernatural and the arming of people against it has boiled over into persecution of mages and Elves in particular within the borders of the kingdom, driving the small population of Elves that had settled in the region further and further into the Hinterlands.

Beyond the immense distrust of the unknown, the People of Sericea, Sericeans, are unified. They look out for their own. For their time, they have a better understanding of mental health and the inner-working of the brain than most. Sericean Soothsayers, therapists, are world-renowned for helping people through their unhealthy habits and issues. The small villages closest to the Hinterlands have a tradition of oral storytelling and worldly debate- their identities are communal out of a requirement to survive. 

Being from the region means you are likely to understand the basics of hiking, map-reading, hunting, and butchering. Even those within one of two cities within the region often have to leave the city if they trade or work outside of it. There is a culture of moving between the surrounding villages and cities to buy local goods and items that can only be found there, given that communities have been built on the concept of being interconnected. One community does one thing, trading the excess to other villages around them, and so on. 

In summary, the Fog-lands of Sericea is filled with humans, known as Sericeans with a small contingent of Elves that live within the Hinterlands, who are prosecuted. The communities are well interconnected but superstitious and suspicious of those who are not part of those communities. These suspicions have led the Kingdom of Sericea-Utis to sponsor anti-supernatural militias and orders who have done a great deal of harm to those who are mistakenly seen as supernatural.