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Tenets Of The Crossroads


  1.  Respect yourself, players, common sense and decency. We are a PG-13 server after all.
               In other words, just behave like a normal human being and treat others as such. 

  2. We do not deal with drama, arguments, or moderation issues which happen outside of our platforms. AKA, our server and discord.
              The only exception to this are the following: DOXXing, Pedophilia/ERP, DDOSing, extreme slander. 

  3. We do not condone hate speech, this includes but is not limited to: gore, racist/homophobic/sexist slurs, nazi memes, sexual imagery, and NSFW discussion.
              Memes of these natures or anything related to this will be dealt with accordingly.

  4.  Political discussion is forbidden. The discord and server are not a place for political debate and quarrels!
             Crossroads does not discriminate based on what your political beliefs are, however the scope of our platform is not to moderate debates about politics.

  5. Arguments between multiple individuals, no matter if they pertain to Crossroads or not, should not be had on the discord. Take them to DMs if they must happen.
           This applies to heated arguments. Level-headed debates are accepted and encouraged whenever. 

  6.  We do not allow begging, blackmailing and threatening of Players and Staff alike.

  7.  Deliberately inciting other players to break the rules is prohibited. If a player breaks the rules because of you, you will be punished!

  8.  Public contestation of the decision of the Moderation/Tale Master team is prohibited. 
           In case of a disagreement, leave a request in the corresponding channel in the discord server, or reach out to our senior staff.

  9. Do not post the personal information of others on our platforms (DOXXing). This includes: names, IPs, addresses, etc.
    I     It is recommended to not post personal information about yourself in public chats as to try and avoid this issue from happening.

  10.  It is forbidden to impersonate a Staff team member!

  11.  Stay relevant to the channel's topic. Do not use special channels for common conversation!

  12. Do not spam ping messages to the Staff Team.

  13. It is prohibited to record on any Crossroads’ mediums without the consent of everyone involved.

  14. We do not condone advertising other servers or discords on our platform.

  15. Abide by the lore which has been set into place during Tales, and whilst you delve amongst the server. If you are confused, feel free to ask a staff member. You will not be dissuaded or punished for asking as many questions as you want.


  1. Keep OOC to a minimum during RP.

  2. During tales, the corresponding Dungeon Master’s word is final. If you believe a Tale Master has somehow gone over any boundaries, report it to their superior. 

  3. If one’s muted or banned during a Tale, it will be handled after said Tale ended.

  4. ERP is strictly prohibited on Crossroads, be it the server or the discord.

  5. Spamming the chats is prohibited, especially in the case of serious RP.

  6. Whilst in the Tavern, your character is still able to feel pain. However, no wounds are able to pierce the flesh or break bone. 

    1. Characters despite this, are still able to commit suicide if they so wish. Whether it be through poison, stabbing, hanging, etc, the Tavern does not protect them from such.

  7. Some events in the Tavern may not follow the conventional Tales System, and will instead go based off Honor-Based CRP. The DM still has say over this, however in this case it’d mean everything goes off of logical emotes rather than specific stats, etc.

  8. Aesthetic RP, such as playing into the lore of a specific class in our lore, is generally allowed as long as it is not Lore-Breaking. Reach out to our Lore-Team if you wish to know more.

  9. The Tavern is a safe haven, meaning that non-consensual PvP cannot take place here. The only exception to this comes down to duels. Refer to the below for a delve into such.

    1. To elaborate from a RP perspective, your character’s head is constantly watched and kept in control. Whilst your character is allowed to hold villainous and conflicting thoughts, you are unable to act on them via conventional means. 

  10. In very specific and certain event scenarios, your character may be able to die or even be critically injured. DMs do not need to play entities which can hurt your character, however they cannot PK you without you knowing what you’re getting into beforehand.


  1. Duels are the procedure in which 1 character challenges another to a fight. From there should the person accept, those two are no longer under control and may fight until one of the two surrenders or the other ‘wins’

  2. Duels can take place wherever, however generally it is suggested for them to take place within the Horde Arena.

  3. Terms of a duel must be agreed upon by both parties. Upon a duel being either won or lost, it is completely impossible to resist these demands. Some example terms of a duel are listed below.

    1. To The Death: Both of the people involved within a duel put their lives on the line, causing one or the other to die afterwards.

    2. Until Defeat: Both parties involved make a statement that this is a duel of honor, and that after one is unable to fight back they are considered the loser and once more shielded by the safety of the Tavern.

    3. Fulfill Demands: The two parties make a contract. The winner must fulfill a task for the loser. Whether it be servitude, money, etc, it is impossible to resist these demands IRP.

  4. Duels are entirely optional. You can immediately surrender a duel when going in, and/or deny them outright. However, the Tavern staff will look down upon a character if the duel was just, and the fleeing persona may even be denied service. 

  5. There are 3 different systems for dealing with duels in the tavern: CRP, PVP, and The Tales System. Both sides must agree on the system which will be used. In the case that they cannot, it will go: Tales System -> CRP -> PVP. 

    1. For reference, when using the Tales System, the work would go off the same stats as if it were a regular Tales session. Both parties would use their respective class, using the Uncommon Forms of their gear, and would be watched over by either a DM or Mod.