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Dec 18, 2021
In Accepted Whitelist Application
Out of Character Information IGN: Sandman_plays How did you learn of The Crossroads?: Was introduced to it by friends who have played the server Discord: Sandman#4951 Your Age: 20 Describe the server in your own words: With passive roleplay being an exceptable use of time you may go about developing characters relations with others, you will have knowledge of any tasks you under take within roleplay at the crossroads tavern, and of course the other half which is the trials and quests themselves, undertaken when scheduled you attempt to complete the sessions as they come, following a rich story along the way. You agree to the rules of the server, including that you cannot start conflict with other player characters without their out-of-character consent: 100% In Character Information Character Name: Atticus Aurilious Character Age: 19 Character Race: Human What does your character look like in 3-5 sentences: Standing at 6 foot tall, with choppy brown hair and grey steely eyes to match, with lightly tanned skin and a skinnier athletic build, weighing around 190 pounds, he is considered toned. Give us a mental/personal description of your character in 3-5 sentences: Atticus is very much set in his ways, of noble tradition, he holds his own honour in high regard, and detests the thought of others going back on their word or even outright backstabbing those around him, more of a lone wolf the man tends to keep to himself as much as possible, though he will offer insight when needed, if he were within others company they would find themselves a determined ally someone who is willing to risk it all in favour of protecting others. Explain how your character made it to the Crossroads in 5-10 sentences and with 1 reference to the lore: Upon being born Atticus always found himself needing something more , he found that his own purpose was shrouded in something mysterious, causing constant distress and a painful self loathing, his biggest critique was himself, he had no one to impress and being born of the wellsprings was simply not enough for him, he wanted to be better then he had been throughout his beginning, knowing these factors he set out on his own journey one to help him find himself, it had been going relatively smoothly until his food had run out, half starved and barely conscious he managed to stagger into a seemingly meaningless tavern, only to find out it was to be the hub of the rest of his adventures, a few nights had passed and he finally found himself feeling healthy enough to venture out into the tavern and see if he might find a job or something to keep his ever occupied mind, this is where we join him, at the beginning of his life. Character Skin: Link or Upload an image.
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