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Nov 19, 2021
In Denied Whitelist Application
Out of Character Information IGN: ??? not sure what the mean but my Minecraft username is DarkMaiden55 and my real name is Lachlan How did you learn of Crossroads?: I've been looking for a Minecraft dnd sever for years now and after some googling this afternoon I came across a website that was advertising Crossroads on it Discord: Username LightWalker #8632 Your Age: 25 Describe the server in your own words: Crossroads is a massive immersive Minecraft them lore heavy Dnd inspired Minecraft to sever with its Mouthwatering Lore and History to discover You agree to the rules of the server, including that you cannot start a conflict with other player characters without their out-of-character consent: Yes i Have Read through all rules and terms and contractions and i agree with all of Crossroads Rules Terms and conditions as stated In Character Information Character Name: Bella SnowBlossom Character Age: 18 Character Race: High Elf What does your character look like in 3-5 sentences: Bella is around 5 feet tall and has pale with a slim body and Long light Purple Color hair with Sky Blue colour eyes and soft small pointed Elven ears that hidden underneath her long hair Bella all soft red coloured lipstick on her small soft little lips and black eyeliner on her eyebrows and fingernails and toenails are painted light purple like her hair with little white stars on them while wearing light leather clothing to make it easier for her to get around she all so carry 2 daggers and a sickle on her at all times to help defend her self during any combat situation Give us a mental/personal description of your character in 3-5 sentences: Bella is a very honest and loyal Open Mind and very understanding person who is willing to fight for what she believes in no matter the cost she was born a noblewoman but she sees everyone as equals and respects everyone she meets Bella is a down to earth person and all away willing to give a shoulder to cry on and to listen to what others have to say whenever need however Bella will never trust any orc that she ever meets thanks for some past trauma thanks to some past experiences dealing with them back in the kingdom Bella grow up in Explain how your character made it to the Crossroads in 5-10 sentences and with 1 reference to the lore: Bella was born in the County of Mythica within the walls of the kingdom known as Dawner that rounding the Kingdom known as the Windy Gale Forest Bella was born into the royal family of Dawner her mother name was Queen Xion and her Father name was King Alphinaud Growing up her mother and father reached Bella many things Queen Xion reached Bella growing up how to control and how to channel the magic of naruter of the world that we live in while King Alphinaud Teache Bella how to read and to write and about the world that we lived in however on the night of Bella 18 birthday an army of Orc Bandits attacked the Kingdom of Dawner the bandit Army of Orcs killed and destroyed anyone or anything that got in there away while under the leadership of Chief Lob who charged into the throne room killing anyone that got in his away one inside the throne room King Alphinaud Bella and Queen Xion end up fighting Chief Lob who overpowered and killed King Alphinaud knowing the was not much time left and the was not much they could Queen Xion ends up deciding to quickly to created a magical portal for Bella to use Queen Xion quickly explain to bella that these not a lot time leaft that she still has so much more life to live and that she has much still to live for with that Bella agrees to what her Mother is say Bella then says goodbye to her Mother and quickly use the portal one on the other side Bella awaken in a tarven with in the heart of Crossroads from that moment on words Bella life would chang forever as she would become a Crossroads Advunter and to make a name her self with in Crossroads to leave her mark on Character Skin: Link or Upload an image.
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