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Nov 04, 2021
In Accepted Whitelist Application
Out of Character Information IGN: Valkealainen How did you learn of The Crossroads?: Emp. Discord: Kymenlaaksolainen#7886 Your Age: 18 Describe the server in your own words: Some Minecraft DND server a thing. You agree to the rules of the server, including that you cannot start conflict with other player characters without their out-of-character consent: Yes. In Character Information Character Name: Sylvester Character Age: 30 Character Race: Human What does your character look like in 3-5 sentences: The yeoman is fairly tall and well proportioned, large bright eyes light up his face, which is pitted with smallpox. During Winter he can be seen wearing an assortment of furs while during Summer, Sylvester just wears less furs than usual. Give us a mental/personal description of your character in 3-5 sentences: Sylvester is a hard-working yeoman and when he begins doing something he wont stop doing it until the job is finished. Even if it may seem foolish to do so. The Hunter is also immensely superstitious and distrustful of the unknown like the rest of his kinsmen - and he can usually be seen wearing all sort of protective wards and ornaments. Besides these traits of working hard and hating everything from the outside - he loves all the manly exercises and activities, and devotes three months annually to hunting. So Sylvester is a hard-working, stubborn, superstitious and hateful man that loves the outdoors. Explain how your character made it to the Crossroads in 5-10 sentences and with 1 reference to the lore: Sylvester was born as the eldest son of a Sericean yeoman. Thus, he stood to inherit much. And by much - a small farm in the Sericean Hinterlands. But to Sylvester? It outshined in its beauty even the fanciest of mansions! And sure did this peasant wish to live up to the expectations of his father, ancestors and his kinsmen or to even outshine these expectations. And what better way to impress everyone than by draining a swamp and lynching outsiders? Sylvester did drain a few hectares of swampland to expand his family's smallholding's lands. But on the side he participated as a local folkhero in the Inquisitorial Militias. Proudly slaying young elves that passed by his village and nailing their ears to act as a warning to other dirty outsiders. Afterall, the elves were causing the fog, no? Some sort of dastardly fairie pixie monster was causing it anyhow. That Sylvester was sure of. So that is what about Sylvester did - drained swamps, logged trees, traveled in the wilderness and hunted, got himself married and sired a few little ones and well of course participated in local lynchings of anything deemed supernatural. Well, that is until the peasant mysteriously disappeared into the great fog during winter. And much to his dismay arrived in some sort of tavern full of foreign devils. Character Skin: That'll do as a placeholder skin.
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