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Sep 19, 2021
In Accepted CA
Out of Character Information IGN: Discord: Dimitri#1911 Why do you want to play an application race? I want to play an application based race because I believe unique races such as this one can bring about uniqure and interesting RP, and I believe I have the abilities to do so. How long, and through what mediums have you been roleplaying? For about 4 years, through various platforms like GTA, GMod, Minecraft, TTRPGS, and various others. Summarize the lore of the Special Race you're wanting to play. This question is important. Originally beasts from the Abyss, Ogres were creatures sent out by demons to gather things for their own benefits. However, because of the innate stupidity of such creatures, they ultimately failed in their tasks, wandering aimlessly about as they searched for food among other things. Because of this, this is mainly what ogres do now, be it searching for food, drink, or a generally good time. You agree to using this CA for the sake of a story, and not to use it as a way to just use it as a simple power-boost or powergaming ordeal? Yes. In Character Information Character Name: Venus and Mars Character Age: 24 Character Race: Male Character Alignment (Evil, Good, Lawful, Etc): Venus (Lawful Neutral) Mars (Chaotic Neutral) Character Backstory: Born like all Ogres, Venus and Mars were two brothers of the same body. The circumstances of this birth were exceptionally normal, and yet, Venus and Mars weren't. Quite peculiarly enough, Venus wasn't like the other Ogres. Venus was quiet, well mannered, not animalistic. Even stranger, Venus showed a particular interest in reading and learning, in expanding knowledge. But perhaps the rarest oddity of them all was the fact that while most Ogres share the control between both heads, Venus did not seem to have any control over his ogre body at all. Instead, full control was seemingly given to his counterpart- Mars. Mars was, as many would put, a normal Ogre. He ate meat. He ate a lot of meat. He wanted to fight, to smash things, to have fun, and most importantly; he was incredibly stupid. Some may even call him stupid among Ogres, which was quite possibly the only irregular thing about him. But Mars didn't mind. Mars was just happy that by some miracle he had a basic understanding of words, and could speak them. Even if he couldn't've, it's not like it would have mattered. Mars was special because he got full control of his body, and Venus couldn't do anything about it. And that made him truly happy. Such was the unfortunate circumstances that would lead the duo to their eventual demise, where the Ogre was walking in a random forest. Venus complaining as usual, but Mars spotted something delicious. A fully grown buck, with plenty of fat on the bone. Unfortunately for them, the buck had also spotted the gargantuan creature, as Ogres are not the best in regards to stealth. Mars didn't mind. Much to Venus' dismay, the large beast bounded after the buck, which was headed straight for a nearby cliff. Having read something similar to their situation before, Venus began to yell at Mars to stop, and that Mars would get them both killed. Mars, however, disagreed; and continued following, even after the buck lost its footing at the cliffside and fell to its death. The last thing Mars saw was a delicious meal almost within his grasp, and what Venus saw was an awful waste of life. And yet, they were given a second chance, so it seemed, as they plummeted to the bottom of the tavern with a thud. Getting up with a groan, the pair looked around, Mars disappointed the deer escaped, and Venus relieved that a high power may have taken pity on them. And as they looked around, they began to set forward. A new world, a new life. Character's Purpose: This character's purpose is to provide an interesting role-play experience on the server, with the fun of a normal ogre with the uniqueness of having two heads, with one that has a basic understanding of how things work with intelligence, but the bane of not being in control of their actions. Write an in character scenario where you emote out your character as if you were on server. (Around 5+ sentences): Venus lets out a deep, elongated sigh as he takes a look around the arena, a place where he really wishes he wasn't in right now. Despite trying to console the other ogre, Mars' aggression towards the different behemoth couldn't be solved by diplomacy, at least not to these beasts. Without consultation, Mars simply spoke in a gruff and extremely stupid voice. "Mi. Yu. Duul." And that was that, the other ogre grunted in agreement, the two heading down to the arena to sort their 'differences' , whatever that may be. Mars for his part was quite thrilled. Not only had he gotten to eat 5 pounds of raw pig, not only drunk 3 liters of ale, but now he got to fight another ogre? This day was just getting better. As he flexed his muscles and let out a deafening roar, the creature took a battle stance with his fists raised- he was going to give 'em one hell of a fight. Character Reference - Link or Upload an image: ((Picked this because there's like jack shit in regards to decent art of two-headed ogres, rip bozo))
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