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Sep 12, 2021
In Accepted Whitelist Application
Out of Character Information IGN: EternalDementia How did you learn of The Crossroads?: I was there to help (very little) and vibed during its talk and creation Discord: Eternal Dementia#2208 Your Age: 21 Describe the server in your own words: A platform in which people can experience ttrpg like campaigns and passively rp in a non-violent area. It is a place with little to no politics and conflict like usual rp servers and people can use the Crossroads platform in the future to possibly host their own campaigns. You agree to the rules of the server, including that you cannot start conflict with other player characters without their out-of-character consent: I agree to the rules of the server. In Character Information Character Name: Kavrala Character Age: 18 Character Race: Dark Elf What does your character look like in 3-5 sentences: Kavrala is a subrace of elf with ashen skin and stands at the height of 5feet and 8inches. The elfess is adorned in various pelts and cloths that give her a tribalistic appearance, with feathers and teeth adorning parts of her hair and attire. Beneath her light cobalt eyes are markings triangular in shape that stop beneath her cheekbone. Give us a mental/personal description of your character in 3-5 sentences: She has the complete opposite of a charming personality. The dark elf is always blunt with her responses with the limited common she can muster and naturally carries a glare within her eyes. For an elf on the shorter side, she carries a rather cold demeanor that can come off as intimidating to some. Explain how your character made it to the Crossroads in 5-10 sentences and with 1 reference to the lore: Kavrala hails from the Shogodai Wastes, where her tribe resides- nomandic during the warmer temperatures and stationary within the colder periods. It was within the colder seasons- where her tribe seeks warmth and shelter that the story begins. Within the caves they dwell in during the winter, in the close proximity to magma pits, they were thought to be safe from otherwordly harm... hidden from any sort of danger. Unfortunately, they were proven wrong. The rock walls began to rapidly quiver with shards falling down from the skies, Kavrala tried to push everyone out of danger- allowing only herself to be vulnerable to whatever was facing them. Larger chunks of rocks separated her from the rest of her group, leaving her to be isolated in the closed in cavern alone and with very little oxygen. She felt tired and weak, her body being depleted of the precious air she needed to survive. It felt like she fell into a slumber, only to be woken up by suddenly being submerged in water. Kavrala gasps for air, trying to get herself to shore and thus waking up in the underground tavern of The Crossroads. Character Skin:
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