The Factory

Upon the founding of the factory Agais found himself with endless corridors, and a plane with nothing but himself.

Agais overlooks his domain as dwarven engineers work in the endless complex of the factory.

It is said the mind of such a dragon is so powerful it’s thoughts become reality itself. Agais looked at the barren landscape that would soon become the Soul Factory, and in that moment he thought of something, an entire race in his servitude. This race would be hardy and efficient, able to work long hours and push through the hardest of efforts. In that moment the Dwed were created, short in stature but taller than a mountain in spirit; these humanoids would go on to become the workers for the eternal ordeal that was the upkeep of the sun. Agais found little joy in life, his entire being made for one purpose. Nonetheless, he found comfort in the dwed he had created for he had some sort of legacy, and commonly crawled through the factory to watch his creations at work. Some of these dwarves would even rise through the ranks to work directly under the Dragon himself; these were named Overseers of the Factory.

Bridges built haphazardly in the factory which dwed frequented

Agais expanded and expanded, telling his dwarven servants to work till they could no longer. Agais couldn’t understand mortals, for he never felt any form of fatigue, or mourned at the grief of death. All souls went to his factory, so there was no reason for him to feel sorry for those who had fallen, though his autonomous emotions and lack of exhaustion led him to misunderstanding the mortal coils. The Dwed were worked to the bone, oftentimes the volatile and ambitious plans of the Clockwork Soul causing thousands of dwarves to lose their lives from debris, explosions, or malnutrition. In the center of the Factory were the homes of the Dwed, a bustling city known by most as the ‘slum houses’. They had the appearance of metal cubes stacked on top of each other to no extent, streets with lights everywhere for there truly was no night within the complex. Within the slums existed posters and signals everywhere of which Agais himself would speak through, ordering new projects or telling the dwed their next mission. After generations of this, unrest grew in the children of Agais, slander to the Great Clockwork Soul and his way of ruling. Agais had made a race which carried much pride in their work, but they were not machines. They yearned for power and wished to work for themselves rather than a dragon who cared not for their lives, so a group was formed between various dwarves in the slums. This group, which came to be known as the Ironclad Republic Army, used the disorganized state of the slums to their advantage, building secret tunnels between the different homes and buildings. This was the start of a project, one which would shift the scales of reality itself. In hushed talk preparation began in secret, if they couldn’t leave the factory and be free to see the light of the sun, the Dwarves would make their own. Leading this rebellion were two virtuous Dwed amongst the Factory, Ador the Spirit and Grunzud the Mind. Ador was to most the pinnacle of what a dwed could be, a large figure who speaks his mind, oftentimes breaking out into speeches or breaking buildings for the fun of it. However, this strength he possessed was certainly not natural. Ador was nothing but another loud mouthed dwed without his partner in crime, Grunzud the Mind. Grunzud was the Brain of the Dwed, and Overseer of the Construct Lab. Grunzud was one of the few hands of Agais himself, a dwed with a mind that the Clockwork Soul consulted with, the closest ally of the dragon had been the catalyst for his demise. Grunzud too despised the limits and restraints on his kind, wishing to usurp the position as Overseer of the 5th petal, and the Factory as a whole.

Grunzud’s laboratory where he conducted his experiments in secret.

At first the group experimented with various rare materials and Magics, however trying to siphon so much of one energy into a singular being proved in little success. Most ended with the subject dying on the spot, and the unfortunate mutating into mindless husks of dwed. Hope for the usurpers seemed to diminish with every failure, yet one day as the grand artificer Grunzud looked out beyond the factory he saw the light of day, his eyes widened as he had found the piece he needed. The usurpers would use the very power that created the dragons to make their own match for the Clockwork. Preparation began immediately, the many workers in secret sapping souls before they could be sent up to the sun or reincarnated. Agais noticed something was wrong, yet the Artificer Grunzud assured him they were being sent to other faculties or recycled to other uses in the factory. Though skeptical, the supreme overseer didn’t pay much attention, for there was work to be done and he couldn’t hang on to minor inconveniences. For years in secret, souls were harvested and amassed to the slums, some pipes being redirected from the very sun. By the time the Supreme Overseer noticed something was amiss it was too late. The slums had been turned into a ritual circle, buildings rearranged and the canisters of souls being used as a power supply as the singing began. Agais in his high chamber heard drums beating, these drums grew louder and louder till the dragon grew activated, going down to the slums where he saw first hand what had been happening under his nose. Blue shining lights arched wildly around the complex as buildings began to crumble, dwarves continued drumming louder and louder until a loud click went off. Suddenly the lights in the slums - no the lights in all of the factory went off, then in another moment arcs of energy flashed violently from the center of the musky living space. Lightning cracked, as all conscious life within the circle was absorbed into the storm. Agais watched in horror as he flew down, however, the dragon was met with a mighty SWOOP, the hammer of Ador meeting his maw. A weapon capable of harming a dragon was near unheard of, climbing out of the rubble was the once mortal Ador and a sea of near endless corpses. Grunzud had been successful, and the Artificial God had been birthed, a being made out of the hate and malice of an entire people and in the eyes of Agais an abomination.

A dwarven depiction of the battle between Ador and Agais

The Artificial One looked to his overlord, and grinned in response to the confusion of the draconic being. With that the maw of Agais began to vibrate and charge, cracking blue dregs of electricity coming from it as Agais opened it's maw, as an array of lighting and electricity shot out towards the usurper. However Ador took his hammer up, absorbing almost all of the electricity as he shot it back out, destroying everything in its path and causing the already destroyed slum city to split in two. For the next weeks the two divines fought tooth and nail, each seeming to be almost equal as they further destroyed the slums, however through it all the rage and hate of Ador prevailed as he stuck his hand into the chest of the very dragon, pulling out a divine core of light and absorbing it. Through this the savior had taken a piece of his divinity, the immortality of Agais. The dragon cast one final spell, chains appearing around the man as he was dragged away, the battle of the two causing ripples across their surroundings as the Artificial God raised his hammer once more, striking it down with the power of every dwarf consumed in the ritual. This lightning was unlike any other before it, golden light mixed with blue and every color of a kaleidoscope. This bolt pierced through the metal of the complex, nay it pieces through reality itself as all the light within the slums had faded, vacuumed out through many rifts as the Clockwork chained Ador fully, bringing him to the top of the complex as the slums were completely locked off from the factory.

The vault in which the Artificial One is imprisoned.

On his last breath the once mighty Agais limped to his station where he attached his very being to the machine of a plane he had dedicated himself to the maintenance of. Never truly free again, the dragon used this machine to keep himself alive as his heart was unable to beat upon its own. Forever close by was Ador, kept locked up within binds that not even an Abyssal Lord could break out of, unable to be killed ever again.

The top of the factory where Agais sits and watches the sun

After the dust had settled and Agais regained himself the factory started to move once more, the pipes sending energy to the sun like it once did before. The dwed which had once made this grand machine work were forced out of the factory, some slaughtered whilst others were exiled to the material plane. The aftermath of such a battle had destroyed the slums and all who lived within it. In its place is a vacuum, a hole in time and reality itself that doesn’t make sense. The slums as they were once known are now known by many as ‘The Quarantine Zone’ a place where darkness and void seep into the endless factory, constantly built around and attempted to contain. The void of the factory animates old technology and corrupts any within it mortal or otherwise. After being weakened so heavily Agais became one with the great machine he worked to create, needing it to truly stay alive as he connected himself almost everywhere in the factory, the Great Eye as some call him, ever watchful of his domain and no longer letting others into his chamber. Dwed were replaced with machines and constructs, very few mortals were kept on the factory staff out of fear and paranoia.

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