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Technical Phase Order and Priorities

Hello there, the purpose of this page and slide aims to be a general statement on what priorities the server is looking to deal with in terms of a technical standard. The following list is split into three sections as of the time of writing this.


Phase 1 is all setup required in order to begin the process of the TavernRP whitelist server. All the necessary plugins and technical setup that a server of a general relaxed caliber would need in order to look generally professional.


Phase 2 begins the process of setting up the adjacent TTRPG hosting server. In this non-whitelist portion of our server we look to give people the opportunity to easily host DnD sessions if they so wish, and generally enjoy themselves with a series of prebuilt schematics and maps which they can pull from.


Phase 3 then is the idea of polishing, optimization, and overall reworking certain aspects to be completely automated in the case that the server reaches an audience where such would be required. 


With that all stated, let's get into it.

Phase 1

  • Tab creation and setup. Working alongside luck-perms in order to give various team members their respective perms. Requires the need to color up differently for donators, staff members, etc.

  • A configured rolling plugin, something that preferably can roll in both a quiet, normal, and shouting range. Flexible with the ability to type in modifiers and what not.

  • A simplified persona plugin, nothing fancy. Gives the person in question the ability to modify their persona card, change their name, etc. At the minimum it just needs the ability to change name and description, that is all. Anything else whilst possibly interesting is not crucial to startup.

  • Some form of chat-range set-up plugin, allowing for different ranges of speech. Chat channels (Global OOC, RP, Shouting, Event Broadcasting, Server Broadcasting, etc.)

  • Region setup for all the various portions of the Tavern as to allow simple renting/housing for the various characters which will try and set up such.

  • A very bare-bones currency plugin. Currency on this server intends to be gathered via either staying online passively (1hour online translates to 10goofydollars for example), or as a reward for completing a tale.

  • Full setup of item-creation system with the adjusted interface and formatting to fit Crossroad’s aesthetic. 

  • Some type of /showitem plugin to allow people to see what they have on their person.

  • Intensive pre-testing stress tests to see what the server can deal with in terms of lag. Using a large number of players to make sure that the commands/permissions are set up correctly as a double-over.