In the beginning there existed nothing but a bright blinding light, “Solara” it is called by the denizens of all. Though, in its want to wish for something more it decided to rip itself apart in order to create The Spiral. Various planes which all come together onto one central area, that being the Prime Materia, when mapped they create an octopetala, a flower with eight petals. As a cost for ripping itself apart to create life, it slowly becomes smaller and smaller throughout the multitude of eons. To “fill” the space left by the blinding light, a shadow formed, the Void. Wherever the light does not touch the Void reached out greedily and malforms into its own image.

Throughought the Spiral lies creatures of life and death. Most of the sentient beings find their home in the Prime Materia. Click below to read more about them.

In the wave of creation that followed Solara ripping a piece of itself to create the planes, 8 dragons were born. These dragons lay as the heart of magical essense in the world, the pillars for which magic is built upon and how the planes have structured themselves.

The Prime Materia is home to 3 continents, of humans, elves, wartorn, and dwarves. Click below to learn about the nations that still stand and that once stood.