Item List

After this comes picking items in a character creation phase. There are many different types of items, with their own unique abilities that look to give an edge to a specific character’s skills in combat or in narrative happenings. The different types of items shall be listed below.

Rarity and Value

All items have their own quality and rarity, and items which have a higher rarity are bigger investments in terms of original character creation. As well, what treasure you may get from a specific pool is entirely random. For example: your choice may be-


  • 5 Tokens: Get 1 Random Epic Treasure

  • 4 Tokens: Get 2 Random Rare Treasures

  • 3 Tokens: Get 2 Random Uncommon Treasures


In this option, whilst 1 Epic Treasure could possibly carry you through a campaign, you may find yourself lacking in other areas from being so focused in a specific skill.

Standard Longbow Item Desc

Below are all of the items available in Tales in Crossroads RP. Use the dropdown menu on the right to filter down to specific Types of items.