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What is "Crossroads RP"?

Crossroads RP is a roleplay community that uses the medium of Minecraft as a way to tell interesting and diverse stories. The strong focus on such allows for the server to be devoid of intensive politics, and arguments. The server has been designed with the simple sentiment of: ‘A place to have fun whilst enjoying roleplay in a grand spiralling storyline’ and this comes in from a mixture of interesting gameplay, longstanding character pay-off, and a LACK of players trying to enforce a certain RP dynamic onto someone.


Most roleplay takes place in the Tavern, a land devoid of PVP, or non-consensual CRP. The idea of the server (in its current state), is to just be a place for a close-knit group of roleplayers to engage in an easy sign-up for a TTRPG system homebrewed from an old web series called "URealms", Dungeon Crawlers Classic as well as mechanics decided upon from years of DMing on Minecraft.  It is generally loose in lore, system, and everything else to just offer as a grand medium for our Dungeon Masters to entertain different people. However, this is not the final idea for Crossroads.

The Main Gameplay

The idea of this server (in its current state), is to just be a place for a close-knit group of roleplayers to engage in an easy sign-up for a homebrewed TTRPG system. It is generally loose in lore, system, and everything else to just offer as a grand medium for our Dungeon Masters to entertain different people. However, this is not the final idea for Crossroads. You can check out this document if you’re curious about our later idea for branding.


In a more expanded tongue, the idea is to split the IP of Crossroads into two distinctive servers. One which is without a whitelist and allows for people to grab from pre-made schematics to host TTRPG campaigns of their choosing, and the other is where the Tavern has a whitelist and entices people to passively RP and enjoy themselves in between the lore and Tales run by our sponsored Dungeon Masters.

Technical Setup

Our technical side is slowly ramping together. This server has existed for less than 2 weeks from this document dropping and we’ve already gotten a good idea for what we want in order to reach a working condition. Releasing content is going to be interactive within specific ‘Phases’, which you can check out here.


For our people with early access, we are always looking for help, suggestions, and ideas to help us reach these goals easier. Some of the points within Phase 1 are almost finished already in fact. If you are experienced in plugin configuration then feel free to message Mystery#1104 in order to possibly get set up as a Game Technician.



We believe that it would be egregious for us to offer the ability for people to Donate without SOME form of finished product. That is why once Phase 1 is finished, we will be releasing a link where people can donate for Crossroads RP. 


These donations go straight back into the server. Whether it is paying for the monthly upkeep of the server, setting up logos and art for our upcoming website, paying our devs to ensure that nothing insane transpires on our box, advertising to mediums in order to try and bring in more players, etc. We are not intending to make a profit or even leave the red in terms of money-spending on this server. However, most of us are indeed college students who work entirely off volunteer work so the ability to work on this server without the nagging worry of spending too much or being unable to pay rent is heavily wanted.


As for ‘Donation Perks’, we don’t want to hide anything important to RP behind a paywall, so for the time being donation would get you the following:

  • A book within the Tavern’s library dedicated to you

  • A role within the discord with access to a special VIP donator chat

  • Access to different perks which will come to be available within Phase 2 and later.

Moderation Procedure

As stated earlier, the main purpose of this server comes down to people having FUN singularly. That is why most of the rules and mechanics are set up in such a way that cases should generally be pretty black and white. However, there are 3 topics where we are going to have a no-holds bar enforcement.


Pedophilia/Grooming, DDOS/Doxxing, Harrassment/Slander.


There are of course more topics we will enforce, however we want to go deeper into all three in terms of what needs to be provided in order for us to take an executive action on each of these.



  • Any figure who is under suspicion for being a pedophile or grooming a minor will immediately be investigated, banned, and perma-banned from our platform if there is suspect proof.

  • Depending on the proof itself, there needs to be some type of noticeable and trustworthy log/video to get across that the suspect in question is a skeevy individual.

  • These cases will be tackled by head administration, and are to be meticulously examined. The last case scenario we wish for is for our server to be unsafe.



  • The victim in question must prove that the DOXX’d information was not readily available to someone, or obviously supposed to be kept in private.

  • DDOSing as well as sincere DDOSing threats are both considered bannable offenses regardless if one has the actual ability to do so.

  • Recording a video or audio of a person in order to show it to our moderation staff is not considered DOXXing, however using that information to belittle and spread rumors of someone is.


  • Slander is considered the act of purposefully lying about someone in order to spread misinformation about another person. This would include subjects such as saying ‘X is a pedophilie’ without any form of actual proof.

  • Depending on the Slander in question, the punishment can range from a minor warning, to a full-scale ban. Slander campaigns are considered a full tone form of harassment and should be treated as such.

  • If you are told ‘x is a pedophile’ and begin to gossip about it around because someone else told you it was true, you are STILL viable to moderation punishment if it comes out as being slander. 

  • Someone who is saying stuff which is true about someone, is not slandering that person, just because it may hold a figure in bad light. If a player is going about and spreading information about a player in order to try and discredit/alienate them for the community it could be dealt with by moderation, however would not hold the same form of punishment as slander.

  • The same as the other two topics, there must be outstanding proof of both harassment and slander happening. ‘He said she said’ arguments will be ignored by moderation.

  • Harassment is defined as the act of GOING OUT of your way to insult someone privately. This includes joining a VC to cause drama with a person, insulting and antagonizing them live on server, etc.

  • Two people getting into an argument is not considered harassment, though moderation can still deal with this accordingly if it is on-server.

  • Arguments and heated discussions which happen off server in non-Crossroads mediums are not dealt with by our Moderation staff.

The Future

Moving forward it is going to certainly be a learning experience for Mystery and alot of other individuals apart of our team, however creating stories for people is our passion and we are willing to invest the time into doing so. You can find more info on  our  Phase Order and Priorties  page.


If it comes down to it that the server does not have the intrigue or prowess to make it to Phase 2 or onwards, this platform is still not going to be removed. As long as we have a story to tell we will be keeping it up and allowing players to join campaigns to learn about some grand narrative. The Tavern will be left open, and the purpose/idea of the server may shift slightly… but this is a hub for friends, and people who enjoy telling a grand narrative. We hope you all will be able to enjoy that once we get there.