The Dragons

In the wave of creation that followed Solara ripping a piece of itself to create the planes, 8 dragons were born. These dragons lay as the heart of magical essense in the world, the pillars for which magic is built upon and how the planes have structured themselves.

of Space

One of the twin elder dragons. Their plane lies off the side of the flower.

of Time

One of the twin elder dragons. Their plane lies off the side of the flower.

The Gentle One, The Second Sun

After the twins, the next eldest born. Having been said to have most of the power of Solora, Rarsossa in her stead made the Exalted.

The Damned, The Voidstalker

The next dragon born. Upon being born into this world Alricries was stepped into the furthest reaches of the spiral.

The Clockwork, The Evermoving

After the dragon of void and sun, the 5th born. Throwing into his plane neighboring The Exalted, Agais looked to her sister Rarsossa as his plane was brought into her being.

The Arcane, the Rightbearing

The 6th Eldest laid to be. In her plane lays the toils of a gigantic arena at the closest entrance from the Prime Materia.

The Souless, The Dead

The 7th. Zergith's life was short, from the moment that their plane was wrought into darkness, the Dragon's soul found itself unable to keep their plane in a stable sense.

The Mother, The Wondrous

And finally, the 8th and youngest. She lives within Wonderland. Melophira was generally a dragoness of whimsy, holding the dreams, nightmares, memories, and collective thoughts of all within her plane.